Sombor City Card

Sombor City Card

Experience Sombor, the greenest city in Serbia, in a simple and cost-effective way.

Sombor City Card - Your ticket to tourist attractions and activities.

Take advantage of the benefits of the online card for access to tourist attractions and enjoy discounts for accommodation and culinary experiences.

With the Sombor City Card, you can visit the following attractions:

  • City Museum of Sombor
  • Museum of Danube Swabians
  • County Building
  • Painting "Battle of Senta"
  • Gallery Milan Konjović
  • Beekeeping Household Periškić

Additionally, with SCC, you can get discounts for:

  • National Theatre of Sombor 50% discount on tickets for replay programs
  • Hotel Barcode 10% discount on accommodation services valid every day (Monday - Sunday)
  • Greentown Apartments 10% discount on accommodation services valid every day (Monday - Sunday)
  • Naš Salaš 10% discount on restaurant services (maximum 2 persons with one Sombor City Card)
  • Ethno Restaurant Fijaker 10% discount on restaurant services
  • City Tavern Sombor 10% discount on restaurant services

Highlighted for you:

Sombor, this picturesque destination in Bačka in northern Vojvodina, will enchant you with its cultural, natural, entertainment, and gastronomic attractions.

Spend three perfect days and get acquainted with the culture and tradition through historical buildings, museums, galleries, and households preserving the old recipes of this region.

A stroll through the city will lead you through streets and squares adorned with beautiful greenery and monuments of notable figures.

When you tire of walking, discover the magic of authentic Vojvodina cuisine in the center of Sombor or at the farmstead nestled in the heart of the lavish Vojvodina fields.

Life flows slowly in Sombor, so let your visit be relaxed and full of beautiful experiences intended for all generations.


Advantages of the Sombor City Card:

  • Save time in travel planning
  • Have a planned program with recommendations
  • Easy access to tourist attractions
  • Environmental protection
  • Card duration of 6 months

City Museum of Sombor

Start your acquaintance with Sombor by visiting the City Museum, home to a thousand museum exhibits spread over an impressive 1,000 square meters of permanent exhibition space.

This unique exhibition testifies to the continuity of human presence in these areas, tracing time from the prehistoric era to the mid-20th century.

The museum space is carefully designed and divided into ten rooms, creating a fascinating spatial experience.

Today, the City Museum of Sombor is a regional museum of a complex type and has departments: archaeological, numismatic, ethnological, historical, and art departments with a collection of local art history and a collection of contemporary Yugoslav art.

Working hours: TUE - FRI: 08:00 - 19:00
                            SAT - SUN: 09:00 - 13:00
Museum is closed for visitors on Monday.

Recommended must-see:

  • Sundial, Jovan Čokor, fresco technique, mural, 1850.
  • Roman helmet, Sivac, metal (bronze, iron), 2-3rd century AD
  • Numismatic collection, West Bac region and beyond, coins and medals, from 3rd century BC to 20th century
  • Salon of Laza Kostić and Julijana Palanački (stylish furniture, empire style II), Vienna, wood, glass, metal, second half of the 19th century
  • Fiaker "Mala Viktorija", means of transport, wood, metal, leather, around 1920.

Museum of Danube Swabians

The Museum of Danube Swabians is a branch of the City Museum of Sombor located in the so-called Grašalković Palace.

The collection of Danube Swabians has rapidly developed during 2019 and 2020 through donations from descendants of Danube Swabians and the Humanitarian Association "Gerhard" from Sombor, currently comprising about 3,000 items.

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Danube Swabians is a multimedia display in which every aspect of life is presented through a combination of modern technological achievements with original museum exhibits.

The history of the Danube Swabians is shown from the mid-18th century to the mid-20th century, from colonization to the establishment of camps for Germans in post-war Yugoslavia.

Working hours: TUE - FRI: 08:00 - 19:00
                            SAT - SUN: 09:00 - 13:00
Museum is closed for visitors on Monday.

Recommended must-see:

  • Cookbook in German with menu suggestions for the whole year.
  • Ambience - spinning
  • Baptismal font from the late 19th century
  • Diploma of the gingerbread factory "Jožef Merkl and Sons" from 1929
  • Franca Huvert's wanderer from 1859

Prefacture Building and the painting "Battle of Senta"

One of the most recognizable buildings in Sombor is certainly the Prefacture Building, built in 1809.

After the final completion of the extension in 1882, the Prefacture Building had 200 different rooms and halls.

In the large ceremonial hall of the county assembly is the impressive painting by Ferenc Ajzenhut titled "Battle of Senta", painted in oil on a single canvas measuring 7 x 4 meters, in a richly gilded frame.

In the foreground of the painting are Austrian soldiers crossing the Turkish breastwork.

In the middle part of the painting is Austrian Prince Eugene of Savoy on a white horse, accompanied by Count Pálffy on a black horse with a drawn Turkish saber, to whom soldiers bring the captured Turkish Kisig Jafar Pasha.

The intensity of the battle is evident in the background.

When the painting is viewed from various angles, it gives the impression that the painting itself is moving.

Working hours:

MON - FRI: 15:00 - 20:00.
SAT - SUN: 08:00 - 20:00. The visit should be announced one day earlier. Entrance in the Prefacture building during these timeframes for SCC users is allowed except when there is a pre-scheduled event in the City Assembly hall.

Recommended must-see:

  • Stained glass with the coat of arms of Sombor above the entrance to the county building
  • Drawing "Sombor seen through the eyes of a bird"
  • Statues of Minerva and Justice in the ceremonial hall
  • "Phenomenon of Mona Lisa" in the painting "Battle of Senta" - the second horseman on the left side of the painting
  • Artist's self-portrait in the painting "Battle of Senta" - the first horseman on the left side of the painting

Gallery "Milan Konjović"

The renowned Serbian artist Milan Konjović bequeathed to his hometown of Sombor a legacy of 500 works with the message "I dedicate these paintings, my darlings, with love to my hometown, they belong only to it."

The legacy has grown over the years with new donations and now counts 1084 selected works, including paintings, pastels, watercolors, tempera, drawings, and tapestries.

The "Milan Konjović" Gallery has seven exhibition rooms (two on the ground floor and five upstairs), a painting depot, and other accompanying and administrative premises.

Milan Konjović, a respected Serbian painter, traveled through various artistic stages: early, blue and red, gray, coloristic, associative, and white Byzantine, whose richness you can discover in the gallery.

At the exit of the gallery, be sure to pay attention to the wide selection of souvenirs with motifs of Milan Konjović's paintings.

Working hours: TUE - FRI: 08:00 - 19:00
                          SAT - SUN: 09:00 - 13:00
On Monday gallery is closed for visitors.

Recommended souvenirs to buy:

  • Glass coasters
  • Glasses cleaning cloths
  • Magnets
  • Framed reproductions
  • Bags (market bags)

National Theatre of Sombor

The first play in the building of the Theater in Sombor was held on November 25, 1882.

The most significant domestic and world theatrical classics were performed on stage, but new and avant-garde drama literature is also followed.

In the last few decades, the National Theatre Sombor has been one of the most awarded theaters.

Since 1993, the season ends with the Theater Marathon festival. For three days and nights, one performance follows another, guest performances that marked the previous theater season.

With SCC, get a 50% discount on replay performances.

Working hours of ticket office: MON - FRI: 10:00 - 14:00 and 18:00 - 20:00
                                                       SAT: 10:00 - 13:00 i 18:00 - 20:00

On Sundays the theater is closed.

Naš Salaš Ethno Household

Discover why the famous singer Zvonko Bogdan mentions farms in his song 'Hey farms in the north of Bačka'. Discover the magic of authentic Vojvodina cuisine at Naš Salaš, located in the heart of the lavish Vojvodina fields, 6.5 km from the center of Sombor. The ambiance imbued with local tradition will take you back in time and show you how people used to live, healthy and delicious food. In summer, you can enjoy the courtyard with a view of fertile fields, and in winter, with the warmth of the tile stove in a specially designed space imbued with tradition. The unique experience of this place is provided by family members who lovingly and carefully run this place, dedicating themselves to every guest.

Recommended to order the Bački lunch for which you have a discount with SCC:

  • Homemade "yellow soup" from various poultry with liver dumplings and homemade noodles
  • Rinflajš (boiled meat, potatoes, carrots, and greens from the soup) with several types of sauces - cherry, tomato, and dill.
  • Chicken leg with dumplings in honey and mustard sauce
  • Turkey breast stuffed with smoked cheese
  • Cakes - vanilla cookies, plum dumplings, and poppy seed strudel

Working hours: WED - SUN: 11:00 - 21:00
On Mondays and Tuesdays the restaurant is closed.

Sombor City Card 10% discount on restaurant services (maximum 2 persons per Sombor City Card)


Beekeeping Household Periškić

In Bački Monoštor, known as the "Village on Seven Danubes," just 15 kilometers from the center of Sombor, awaits you a unique beekeeping household run by Anica with her family. These smiling and well-intentioned hosts will welcome you at the entrance and guide you through the world of the old profession, revealing many secrets and providing useful advice on honey production and consumption. The hosts organize workshops for children where they can learn more about this ancient craft, bees, and be creative. The souvenir program is extremely rich, so you will surely find something interesting for yourself or as a gift for loved ones. During the month of June, you can enjoy the fragrant lavender field near the apiary and take photos, as well as make bouquets, which will remind you of Bački Monoštor for a long time.

Working hours: MON - SAT: 08:00 - 18:00
On Sunday household Periškić is closed for visitors.

Recommended to see and buy:

  • Glass beehive, through which you can observe bees and learn more about the fascinating life of these valuable creatures.
  • Beehive where you can spend relaxed time, contributing to the recovery of your respiratory organs.
  • Propolis
  • Gingerbread cookies with the Sombor City Card logo


Hotel Barcode

The Garni Hotel Barcode is located just a 15-minute walk from the center of Sombor and with its modern design and comfort offers accommodation services to tourists and businessmen. The hotel has comfortable double and triple rooms, apartments without and with a kitchen intended especially for families with children. There are also three baby cribs (free of charge), as well as an extra bed that can be added upon request (with an additional charge). Accommodation includes breakfast, as well as unlimited use of the wellness center, gym, fitness room, free parking space, and Wi-Fi. The wellness center offers a swimming pool with a whirlpool and waterfall, a steam (Turkish) bath, a Finnish sauna, as well as massage rooms. In case of interest in lunch or dinner, guests also have a hotel restaurant at their disposal, located 700m from the hotel, and it is also possible to order to the hotel as room service (with a surcharge), as well as setting up in the breakfast room. Guests can also use bicycles free of charge, upon prior reservation.

  • Sombor City Card offers 10% discount on accommodation services valid every day (Monday-Sunday).
  • Free and unlimited use of the wellness center, gym, fitness room, parking space, and Wi-Fi.
  • If you want to get a discount at the Garni Hotel Barcode, please call the reception at the phone number 025/304-425 or send your inquiry to the email address

Greentown Apartments

Located in the heart of Sombor, Greentown accommodation offers luxurious accommodation - rooms and apartments. Guests are offered a rich breakfast at the GoDo restaurant opposite the property, free use of bicycles and tandem bicycles, as well as multifunctional rooms with TV and other equipment. In the courtyard of the accommodation is the Bowlingstones Bowling Center, providing a unique bowling experience. Guests can also enjoy billiards, table football, basketball, Xbox games, and have a coffee or drink in the bar or garden.

  • Sombor City Card offers 10% discount on accommodation services valid every day (Monday-Sunday).
  • Green town jazz fest traditionally held in the second half of June
  • Free parking
  • Internet

Ethno Restaurant Fijaker

This restaurant located in the heart of the city of Sombor, in the park right next to the County building. Primarily known for its decades-long tradition, good cuisine based on both traditional Serbian cuisine and world gastronomic qualities. A wide range of dishes and drinks offers a great choice and satisfies the most discerning guests. Already after the first visit to the Ethno Restaurant Fijaker, enjoying the unique ambiance will make your senses feel the warmth and smell of gourmet history. The interior ambiance of the restaurant is mostly made of wood with various ethnic motifs. In the restaurant garden, there is a carriage surrounded by greenery and a small pond, and a special attraction are the large barrels designed for enjoying the ambiance and specialties of the restaurant.

  • Natural shade and ambiance rich in greenery
  • Restaurant located in the largest city park in the city center.
  • Playground for children
  • Rich offer of specialties of domestic and international cuisine
  • Service focused on the complete satisfaction of guest

Working hours: MON - SUN: 08:00 - 24:00

Sombor City Card offers 10% discount on restaurant services (maximum 2 persons per Sombor City Card)